HotTips Is Dead

The title isn’t technically clickbait. HotTips! is indeed dead, because all of my channels outside of this website network have been changed away from that name. The brand simply didn’t match who I was, and it also no longer represented what I did, the content I made, and what I aspired to make. When I first started HotTips, it was a brand around tutorials, learning content, and technology tips. It was about helping others, and while I still want to make content like that – it’s not the main focus of my channels anymore. I need something that better represents me, and I could think of nothing better than just using my name.

I’ve made my name a brand in several avenues already, and it just made sense to finally unify everything around it. It’s now very easy to find me all over the internet. Whether it’s facebook, twitter, youtube, twitch, reddit, or even steam… using CharliePryor after the url or as the username now leads you to me there. That makes me feel great! That’s the public image, and it’s mine.

You’ll notice on all my channels, new artwork, new animations, and a whole new and completely original theme surrounding my content – serving as a metaphor for what I really do for a living, and what I aspire to do for a long time to come. There’s been a big lack in videos lately, and there are so many reasons for it. One of them had to do with the image, and the disconnect I felt with my own brand. It’s hard to make something when you aren’t proud of who you are as you do it. Now, that problem is solved.

–Except for this website. Everything you see here is still HotTips – and that’s because websites are a bit more complicated to change over than a YouTube or Twitch channel. Over time, I’ll be transitioning both HotTipsMedia and HotTipsCentral – as well as all of their relevant and not-too-outdated content over to my own personal domain, linking up everything once again under a single banner for my media creation goals. This site is also way behind, having over 300 draft articles that never got published (an article for every video on YouTube published). Until that changeover happens, those articles remain unpublished – but when I switch it all, and finally get it all moved and redesigned – It’ll be great, and all those posts will finally be public and searchable.

For now though, if you still see any references to HotTips, just know that it’s still me. I’m the same guy I always have been, and eventually, that reference will be gone, and replaced with nothing that isn’t already there. There’s still a lot of references I have even yet to find, but I’m working on it, and I appreciate everyone’s understanding and patience during this extended transition. It’s hard to balance life.

Thanks for coming along for the ride with me all this time – Let’s get back to work making awesome stuff, and living really cool experiences together.

– Charlie

Charlie Pryor

Charlie is a media producer day and night, at his company Pryor Media. He's also the founder of HotTips! and loves working with every project with the HotTips name on it, to a passion. He's 29 years young, married with an awesome one-year old son, and absolutely loves gaming and teaching.

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