Let’s Play Factorio – Episode 1: Hello everyone, welcome to Factorio – a game all about automation. The idea behind Factorio is the build machines and research technologies so that your intelligence and engineering will work to gather resources for you – allowing you to use your time to research and build and expand. The ultimate goal in this series, is to build and launch more rockets than hours played total – so the longer it takes to get there, the more rockets we’ll need to launch!

This series is unique at HotTips, in that Charlie isn’t playing in it. The first video here, he’s introducing you to it. From now on though, Graeme and Jaz are your hosts, showing you the game and all the wonderful things that can be done with it. If you like this idea, please leave a LIKE on the video to show your support for it, and COMMENT below so we can see your approval, OR, Disapproval. Charlie is watching feedback closely on this video, as it is so new.

Special thank you to Godzilla1934 for sending me Factorio!

Playlist For Factorio Co-Op series: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsBoF66x4ZmAIfaRdmdzRGbuP1nDTYXOB

Mods Used: Long Reach, and Tree Collision
Map Seed: docs.google.com/document/d/1RKWFDdbSgIGHkYxH9qWfGUX4Yll1JaQ494e1a64ceF8/

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Factorio is a game in which you build and maintain factories. You will be mining resources, researching technologies, building infrastructure, automating production and fighting enemies. In the beginning you will find yourself chopping trees, mining ores and crafting mechanical arms and transport belts by hand, but in short time you can become an industrial powerhouse, with huge solar fields, oil refining and cracking, manufacture and deployment of construction and logistic robots, all for your resource needs. However this heavy exploitation of the planet’s resources does not sit nicely with the locals, so you will have to be prepared to defend yourself and your machine empire.

Join forces with other players in cooperative Multiplayer, create huge factories, collaborate and delegate tasks between you and your friends. Add mods to increase your enjoyment, from small tweak and helper mods to complete game overhauls, Factorio’s ground-up Modding support has allowed content creators from around the world to design interesting and innovative features. While the core gameplay is in the form of the freeplay scenario, there are a range of interesting challenges in the form of the Scenario pack, available as free DLC. If you don’t find any maps or scenarios you enjoy, you can create your own with the in-game Map Editor, place down entites, enemies, and terrain in any way you like, and even add your own custom script to make for interesting gameplay.

STEAM Store Link: store.steampowered.com/app/427520/Factorio/

I hope you enjoy this series. Please give your feedback down below with a comment and engage with us! We’d love to chat with you!

PC SPECS (All links are affiliate):

MB: ASUS X99-Deluxe/3.1 amzn.to/2goCN7x
CPU: Intel i7-5930K OC @4.2ghz amzn.to/2gVhifX
Cooler: Corsair H100i GTX Liquid Cooler amzn.to/2h1Yn1T
RAM: 32GB G.Skill Ripjaws V series DDR4 amzn.to/2gUXuf3
Video Card: Asus Geforce GTX 1080 STRIX-Gaming (8GB) amzn.to/2h21F4Z
PSU: Corsair 1000W 80+ Platinum amzn.to/2h20VNt
Storage: 2X Sandisk SSDs = 1.3TB total amzn.to/2gCItOk


This gaming footage contains commentary for educational purposes, and is used and monetized under the publicly expressed permission by Wube Software, the developers and copyright holders of Factorio, as stated in by their staff on their public forums and website: www.factorio.com/press-and-youtube

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