I’ve provided a lot of updates on this series in the past, but today I’d like to do things a little differently; More visually. Today’s live stream is all about giving you guys a preview of what’s going on behind the scenes with restoring the Conquering Kerbal Space Program series at HotTips!. We’ll be looking at the changes made to the game in the transition to 1.2.2 from 1.1.3, some of the mod changes, and the most notable and biggest impact change in the series – the move to a new life support system, and the challenges we face regarding it. Should be a good time!

This live stream will be available to view on-demand afterwards as well.

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  • Hey,
    It is more weight efficient to use little supplies and lots of fertilizer with converters (making station re-supply easier). The status window doesn’t calculate the remaining time that the kerbals can survive properly with such a setup though, which is obviously a downside – if all this makes any sense…

    I am not 100% sure if that is still true when using MKS because MKS changes the mechanics a bit and I have only USI-LS installed. So take that with a grain of salt…

    Something else is the way you intend to bring the base down to the surface – you won’t be able to slow down on chutes to 5 m/s without using ridiculous amounts of parachutes. 15 – 20 m/s is feasible with reasonable amounts of chutes – for the rest you will likely need retro rockets. This method however does not work well when splitting up your base on descent…

    • I’ve tested the base deployment with success already. Remember, my mod-based parachutes are HUGE (and heavy and expensive). – You might be onto something regarding the supply chains. I don’t think I’ll reduce the amount of supplies stored on the bases, because I like the cushion, but the advice from somebody smarter than myself on this is welcome.

      BTW: Regarding your offer to restore the science research completed… how would I send you the two save files? I just need the research history progress done, so that it appears in-game as if I’ve done the experiments that I’ve already done. Is this something that’s easy to do? Reply with a way for me to send these things to you in a delivery that makes it as easy as possible – if you’re still offering to help with that.

      You can message me on Discord as well if you want. Might be more secure/private with information transfer. You’ll see the Discord details above.

      • You could zip the two savefiles up and send them via email (you should see mine here as admin). Or upload them somewhere (dropbox etc.) – I haven’t tested pasting large textfiles on pastebin but that might work too…

        If you open the savefiles with a decent texteditor (notepad++, sublime3 etc.) you will see a section with Tech { } and then comes a section where there are lots of Science { }

        Concrete example from my personal savegame:
        id = [email protected]
        title = EVA Report from LaunchPad
        dsc = 1
        scv = 0
        sbv = 0.300000012
        sci = 2.4000001
        cap = 2.4000001

        Just copy all the science entries from your old save to the new one (insert it right after the Tech {} section and you are done.

        Offer still stands of course 😉

        • Edit: It would be good if at least one science experiment (EVA report) has been done in the new savefile- that way it is impossible to make a mistake when pasting the data. And it makes it easier to find it 🙂

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