Greetings friends! I want to start this update to stating my appreciation for your patience and continued support regarding my channel, and my efforts in entertaining a wide variety of people and interests on YouTube. Your continued support is the reason I still enjoy doing this today, even more than when I started. I absolutely love making videos.

The transition for the Kerbal Space Program series, by far the most popular series on the channel, has been unfortunately a slow one. In a continued effort to provide content to my channel and to grow with this project a diverse viewer base with a variety of interests, I have been working on the KSP series in-between other series, so that I can continue to upload entertaining content while recovering the progress of Conquering KSP in the background.

For the first few weeks of this process, I tried diligently to get things to work with the current save file that I had. I hosted a live stream on the process of saving my Kerbals from the vessels that were affected by the version upgrade, and I also have released several update videos in the past, in addition to this one embedded here. However, despite this time commitment, and the numerous hours put into creating a stable, working save file with KSP 1.2.2 – which was a move that was almost unanimously voted on by the viewers – The save is just too buggy with the new version to continue being a viable option. It has become quite clear to me that continuing to use the save file that I have, with the updated mods (as required to get them to work with the new version of KSP) will absolutely result in errors and bugs, as well as crashes and unpredictable times, and as a result, is not a viable option to continue. If I care about a stable play-through, I cannot use the save file I have for the future.

What does this mean?

It means that in order to continue Conquering KSP as a series, and pick it up right where we left off in Episode 84, I have been rebuilding the progress of this series from scratch in a brand new save file. Nearly all of the mods that we had before are also active now, although some have been removed from the modlist, as their functionality has now come to the stock KSP experience with the updated version. While I cannot share the specifics of that with you just yet, an updated modlist and progress report for that stuff will come when the series continues and is rebooted later on.

The changes in the updated versions of some of these mods are, to say the least, extensive. So much so that I actually don’t know how to work with them just yet. For example, the days of having only Pilots, Scientists, and Engineers appears to be over. Kerbals now have even more specific specialties in this game now, such as medics, technicians, mechanics, biologists, farmers, etc. It’ll take some research, and some real getting used to, to use Kerbals effectively. It also means we’ll likely need a lot more Kerbals, so that we always have the right person for the jobs we need. Lots of changes to USI – making it very interesting.

Current progress is, simply put, between 20-30% completed. I have most of the crafts rebuilt with near identical designs (a few actually could be moved from the previous save folder, which did save some time). Many of the bigger projects, such as the SSTOs and of course the P.I.S.S. are being built back up from scratch because those vessels contain modded parts that are either altered in the newer versions of the mods (life support stuff, and some USI parts), or are missing – replaced by new parts entirely (the space stations). Pretty much any craft that was saved from the previous version that involved USI in any way, even a single part, is unloadable and has to be remade from scratch. Many of the life support modules have been changed out as well, so most of the crafts that involved having Kerbals in them at all need to be rebuilt from scratch as well – and then tested, obviously, to insure they’ll be able to perform their mission.

This is not a fast process. This stuff takes a lot of time…

Most of my satellites within Kerbin’s sphere of influence are back in space now and working well to my knowledge (it’s also nice not to have the solar panels all screwed up in their orientation now). I’ve cheated all the money I needed to upgrade KSC facilities, and have cheated in thousands of science to restore the research progress of the playthrough as well. This also means that science experiments in every location have technically not been completed yet. I’m unsure on how to handle that… what I’m thinking is… I just don’t do any science within Kerbin SOI anymore, and any contracts that want me to are just ignored. Seems to be a good way to go about that. Otherwise I’d be getting science for things I’ve already received the science for in the past. I never actually completed 100% of the science on the Mun or Minmus, and definitely not every Biome on Kerbin… but in the grand scheme of things, does that really matter? I don’t think so.

I have spent no time at all on Kerbal experience, but I plan to get those Kerbals back around the solar system learning all they can soon. I might be able to just edit their experience into the save file – but to avoid potential problems, I’d rather them actually go to those places in-game, and allow the game to give it to them. This removes potential complications later with save file editing – although it does mean it’ll take some more time.

All of the crafts can be edited into space. I don’t have to launch them like usual – because I’m trying to just restore things back to how I had them. However, editing things doesn’t necessarily get them back into the locations they need to be. For example, editing satellites into their proper orbits was easy enough… but having them properly spaced out with each other… not so much. That sort of thing needs to be done manually, and it hasn’t been done just yet. There are numerous satellites surrounding Kerbin, Mun, and Minmus, but none of them are really all that useful yet, until I re-position them to be in that nice triangle we had before.

I’ll continue working on that over the next few weeks, in-between the recordings of other videos – and of course, trying to keep my business going. I’ll have more updates for you on this series later on as I get things moving and progress applied.

“Later on… soon?”

I have been trying to avoid answering the “when” question, because I really don’t know. It’s being asked at me daily now… I wish it wasn’t. There are still some people that are needing that “fix it fast” solution to be happy, and I’m sorry I cannot deliver it. A timeline for this series to continue is not currently known at this time. I want to tell you differently. I want very badly to tell you that it’s two weeks away, or a month. But I can’t. Honestly, I’ll tell you it’s possible… but I really cannot tell you this with a significant amount of confidence. I’m working as much as I can. Every minute I spend outside of my job and every moment I’m not either with my clients or my family, I’m thinking about, planning, and executing actions for which I feel is best for my channel as a whole. I’m addicted to this stuff, willingly, and gladly, addicted to making videos on YouTube.

Please keep in mind, everyone, that I don’t do this full-time. YouTube is a side-gig for supporting my family, paying off my student loans, etc. YouTube ads, and the wonderful support of my patrons, is a very meaningful, but still too small amount of financial resources to do this full-time, especially in the world of ad-blockers. So as I continue to work on multiple series that I’m personally very excited about (such as XCOM 2, finishing up Prison Architect, and later, Mass Effect Andromeda), please understand that I have not forgotten about KSP. I will never forget about KSP — and I will continue to work on recovering this series. It is a personal goal of mine to complete this mission. It has NOTHING to do with viewers. I’m accelerated and pushed forward by viewers, but I’m still doing this series for me, and me alone. I personally strive to complete the goal. Take comfort in that, please. Know that I’m working on it. Asking over and over again is a sign that you care, and I appreciate that… but it has no affect on the speed of recovering here. I’m always going to be moving at the speed I’m able to do. The only way it goes faster, is if I don’t make any videos until that’s going again. — That isn’t going to happen. It’s one series, not the entirety of my channel.

For the near future on the channel:

In the near future, perhaps within the couple of weeks or so (undecided), I plan to do a KSP live stream. That live stream will give a visual update for people who want one, and it will include me continuing the process of recovering the save. It won’t be anything special here — no overlaying goal for us to accomplish. It’ll just be me continuing to get things back to normal, with it being streamed live for those that care. There’s no date or time decided for this yet. It will be announced when there is, and will likely be a similar atmosphere or pace to the first time I did that for you, except perhaps a bit more organized than before. I highly recommend subscribing with notifications turned on (the little bell next to the subscribe button) if you want to know these things when the announcement is made.

The near future also consists of several projects that are on my to-do list. Some will be quick, others will take a while – which is a good thing because I love them. One thing I plan to knock out fairly soon is Outlast, which is a game sent to me by one of my patrons, and I promised to play it. I started it with a single episode, before my hard drive crashed and I lost a lot of stuff. I’ll most likely continue this series as a stream series instead, for the purposes of a face cam, which was something people wanted me to have. I hear you… I agree with you. That game needs a face-cam. Look for that in the near future. I am hoping to play it exclusively late into the night, so that it’s the right atmosphere for me, but if I cannot work that into the schedule, I’ll just do the best I can.

Subnautica was also sent to me by an awesome supporter… this is on the list as well. It’ll most likely be a live stream at some point. Again, I’ll announce this when the time is known, most likely on the announcements channel on the HotTips! Discord. If you’d like to join that to get updates, and to engage with others and myself on a daily basis, there’s a way to join that in the description of every video, as well as in the sidebar of this page.

I’m obviously playing some Long War 2 (XCOM 2), which will be a very involved and extending series that I hope to have on the channel for many months to come, perhaps even a year or more. I’m very excited for this series. It’s one of my favorite games of all time, and it is objectively one of the best turn-based strategy games of all time (my own opinion is, it is THE best). This series includes soldiers that have been submitted and claimed by members of the community. The viewers are in this series, just like I did with Rimworld, and the KSP series (from episode 80 onward). You can see that playlist here, and I encourage you to start with Episode 00 if you’ve never been introduced to XCOM before.

There’s also an Armello tournament series that I’ve been hosting with some viewers of the channel. We’ll be getting back to that as a weekly stream soon as well. I have yet to really discuss timing with those others involved, but discussions will have already started by the time you read this, so look for that as well. You can get caught up on that if you want to by clicking here.

Some people have expressed interest in another Prison Architect Series (after the current one is complete, along with the escape after the build), as well as another Rimworld series (some actually want me to continue the current one, despite the deaths). It’s unclear about the future of these ideas, but I will say though, that to do any of those things, will require new and original ideas. Perhaps not unique — that would be very hard — but original and something creative that makes me feel I have an opportunity to differentiate my series from others, like the Prison Town/Suburbs idea). It would be some time before a season two of those games happened, as I have to make sure my schedule is clear for Mass Effect when it comes out March 21st – something I absolutely will be doing when it comes.

I dare say, that game will probably be the prime-time of my channel when it comes out, as I’ve been waiting and anticipating its release for well over 2 years. I actually have planned out large chunks of time-off for work so that I can play it, so you’ll get lots of vids for that, and probably with very little time in-between them when released, at least in the beginning. I might even go as far as to say you’ll see DAILY uploads for that game for at least a few weeks. I’m trying my best to release as much content that I can while still fulfilling the obligations I have in the “real world” here at home.

For those few who are interested in Skyrim, I haven’t yet decided how best to approach its future. It’s not quite popular enough to account for the amount of time it takes me to produce it as intended, but I still love that series. I can tell you at least this much… there isn’t likely going to be another Skyrim Live Stream for that series until the Episodes catch up to it. I have all of the footage. I just need to edit it and release it. Once that series catches up to the streams, it’s likely streaming will continue for it. I need to really assess, economically, the cost to value of that series, as it pertains to growth and my time as a producer. I like it, I do. Not as much as Andromeda, likely, and probably not as much as XCOM. I have a lot to balance.

All I can say there is, we’ll have to see how things pan out as the future becomes the present. It’s the same answer for other games that have been suggested to me on the Discord and in comments. My plate is pretty full right now. As projects become checked off the list, room will open up for new things. We’ll see how it works then.

Thank you for reading this update. I hope it answered a lot of your questions. Have a great day, and I’ll see you in the next video!


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  • Hey,

    “This also means that science experiments in every location have technically not been completed yet. I’m unsure on how to handle that…”

    if you are interested I could help you out with that – it can be solved by editing stuff from the old savefile into the new one.

    If you send me the old and the current one I can patch it for you.

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