SKYRIM DEMOCRACY SERIES: In Episode 12, Hana seeks the aid of numerous sources to get a handle on the mysteries around her at the college. She’s told to seek the Auger of Dunlain.

This entire episodic series is assembled from LIVE stream footage, and will be driven by a great story, immersive atmosphere, excellent characters, and most uniquely… by YOUR INPUT!

The Skyrim Democracy Series is a new kind of Let’s Play, where the viewers have direct involvement in telling the story of our character. For a complete description of how this is working, visit the link below.


Episodes are now in 2K resolution with the highest quality audio and visuals possible for me to produce. I hope you enjoy Skyrim as you’ve rarely seen it before in video online.

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The HotTips! Skyrim Democracy Series is delivered in two formats. You can watch the full streams as they happened, or you can watch the episodes that are edited from the streams and released in a shorter, episode format, such as this video:





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Charlie Pryor

Charlie is a media producer day and night, at his company Pryor Media. He's also the founder of HotTips! and loves working with every project with the HotTips name on it, to a passion. He's 29 years young, married with an awesome one-year old son, and absolutely loves gaming and teaching.

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