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Hey there everyone. Here’s my “official” schedule for January, following the stream where I choose the winners of the HotTips! Holiday Giveaway, which I’m hoping to do within the next 48 hours from the time of this posting. All times posted below should be interpreted as Eastern Standard Time, USA. This is the same timezone as NYC, if that’s confusing. Those of you in California can automatically make these times 3 hours earlier for you, and unless I’m mistaken, it’s about 5 hours later for those of you in the United Kingdom.


January 1st, for the second half of the day, I’ll be streaming more Skyrim as part of the Skyrim Democracy Series on the channel. The goal for the January first stream is to begin recording around 2:00pm. It is VERY likely that streaming will last several hours (maybe 5-6), but will certainly be split up into segments. Those segments are not known right now… it depends on the missions and the story as it unfolds. I don’t intend to take a streaming break in the middle of a dungeon, but as a general thought, My hope is to have no individual stream last more than ~ 2 hours. Might be hard to hit that sometimes, but that’s the goal. Later that night, probably around 8:00pm, I plan to jump right into another Rimworld stream to get more of that going, because I love it, and I want to learn more about how to play.

Throughout the month of January, It is my intention to publish TWO of my Prison Architect “Prison Town” series episodes PER DAY until that series is completed. the goal is to complete this series around episode 100, but I admit based on the pace it may take more than that to do it. Nevertheless I want it done (but still done super well), to make room for the next series to take it’s place: Rimworld Alpha 16. The entire reason why I’m streaming Rimworld somewhat regularly with those helpful people on the air with me is to learn the game quickly so that I can start a self-contained series with it, and to have all of YOU AWESOME PEOPLE be in a brand new colony built upon the blood and sweat of champions!

Kerbal Space Program

Every single day, I’m booting up this game making progress to get ourselves back to where we were before, in episode 84. My hope is that every single part of the game, as it was before, remains the same going into episode 85. This is likely impossible, in terms of small details, but any notable changes or differences between 84 and 85 will be explained in 85 when I can get that going again.

There is no ETA for this. Please don’t ask me over and over again, it only makes me feel worse about this situation. I’m going as fast as I can. KSP has a huge priority on my list, and I’m fully aware you are all waiting for it. Please be patient. This isn’t about throwing videos up on the internet all the time like many other channels. This is about doing it right.

Please also remember that while KSP is super important to me, this isn’t a KSP channel. Many of you may not like the other content that’s been coming out on the channel recently as much as KSP, and that’s fine, but I am actively trying to grow a community around the channel, and having a variety is the best way to do that. Also… I like way more games than one, and ultimately, I like to play what I like to play.  So…

That being said, I hope to have at LEAST 4 videos of Conquering KSP release in January. If I can get more, awesome. If I cannot get that many… well I’ll probably be damn close and you’ll have one in the first few days of February or something like that. I don’t know.


I started Outlast, and I didn’t have a facecam on at the time. My web cam doesn’t work right now – anyone who’s seen the last few streams knows this. Something is going on with it when using OBS, and for whatever reason, I cannot use NVENC with Outlast, so recording with Bandicam is a nightmare. using OBS makes this situation more tolerable – but because of my camera not working with it right now, it’s putting me in a tight spot. I’m going to be use the Patron pledges that are sent to me on January first to purchase a new web cam (one with reviews that suggest it’ll last a long time) so that I can get back into this, and I’ll also be purchasing another mouse as well, so that I can have my middle mouse button back (something that’s super useful in almost every game I’ve been playing, especially Prison Architect and Rimworld, as it’s the primary button used to move the camera around the map without relying on WASD).

I know people care about the camera in a game like this… so I want to do it right. I’ll be waiting until I have a functional webcam to do this series.

Other games?

I also intend to introduce a few other game ideas on the channel during January as well, to test how well it’s received for the purposes of seeing what sorts of other titles could work with my presentation and play style. There have also been some games sent to me as well, and I’ll be streaming those too.

How will we know when these videos will be posted? You don’t have a daily schedule?

Unless noted otherwise, this is the schedule you should expect for the month of January. Please note that these are rough estimates, and that there are many things, including but not limited to, hardware failures (who knows if this crap is over yet), my client projects (the most likely thing) or other details which may cause things to not go as planned here. Keep in your mind that I am NOT a full time YouTuber like many of the people you follow are. I absolutely cannot keep pace with those others who have hundreds of thousands (or millions) of subs. It’s not financially possible to do so.



Projected schedule you can expect to see – if the game isn’t listed here, it means I cannot predict it right now, and will release whenever I can, and as often as I can:

Prison Architect: Monday-Friday @ 1pm and 5pm

Outlast: Need Camera. Once the camera works again, expect this daily too until completed, with videos releasing around 7pm

Skyrim Democracy Series LIVE STREAMS: Expect at LEAST 1 stream PER DAY between January 2nd and January 16th. Expect NO STREAMS AT ALL between January 17th through February 4th. Stream times vary to keep the opinions and votes varied for the sake of Democracy. Streams will probably be around 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, and 8pm if they happen. I will attempt to ALWAYS start a Skyrim Stream on an EVEN NUMBERED HOUR (again, this is eastern time USA), so that you know, if it doesn’t start at say 4pm, that it definitely isn’t starting until, at the earliest, 6pm. Make sense?

Rimworld: The stream series is purely for educational purposes, and will go on for as long as I feel it needs to in order to learn the game well enough for a more official series. All of the Rimworld streams will happen starting at 9pm, if they happen, and may happen on any day of the week. Again, follow on Twitter or Discord and you’ll know. Twitter has been linked here, and Discord is in the sidebar of this page if you want to join in. 🙂

“What about Weekends Charlie? I noticed there’s nothing here about Weekends?”

I gotta have time to edit all the footage together at some point right? The weekends are definitely not my days off. Actually, they are the most difficult days of the week! That being said, Anything I put up on a weekend, or start streaming on a weekend day will be entirely random or “as I feel like it” only.

Once again, as the last reminder here, I’m out of the country and cannot do ANYTHING NEW on the channel starting January 17th through February 3rd (the 4th is my rest day as well). The content I’m producing throughout the early part of January should last through this period I’m away, and will all be uploaded and scheduled for release ahead of time so that things post while I’m away. I’ll attempt to engage with comments as usual, but may be less responsive while traveling.

That’s all for now everyone! If you read this far… you’re crazy. Go get some ice cream or something… you deserve it.

Charlie Pryor

Charlie is a media producer day and night, at his company Pryor Media. He's also the founder of HotTips! and loves working with every project with the HotTips name on it, to a passion. He's 29 years young, married with an awesome one-year old son, and absolutely loves gaming and teaching.

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