Through over 30 hours of trial and error and testing, I’ve managed to get what I believe to be a feature-rich, overhaul heavy, super modified Skyrim experience that is both challenging and incredibly alive. Below you’ll find the mod list for the series as of Stream #1. The first stream, you’ll find embedded above.

For more information on this series, please see the previous post which discusses it further.

The mod list is NOT listed in alphabetical order. Instead, it has two columns which are referencing the two columns found when managing mods with Mod Organizer, a program everyone should be using to manage their mods, IMO. The left column is the install and load order found on the left side of Mod Organizer, and the right column is the load order for the esps which is found on the right side of Mod Organizer. Those wishing to use this mod list in their own games can follow this as a load-order guide to get them started, and if you believe you’re smarter (which is completely possible), you may organize them differently from there, or add additional things. Keep in mind that there are LOTS of steps to installing mods and patching them properly. It’s your responsibility to do so. I do not have the time resources to provide support for this mod list to YouTube viewers, so use at your own discretion, risk, and troubleshooting guidance.

I also recommend you watch the entire stream above for a reference for how these mods could be utilized, since there are a few in-game steps for these things to get them configured as well. Lastly I’ll just say the standard “I am not responsible for any problems with your game or your system as a result of attempting anything with this mod list.”

Okay so enough with the notices and disclaimers… here you go! (this will be updated if there is ever anything to update. The version number is 1.0 as of the start of this series, and the broadcasting of the embedded stream above).

Skyrim Democracy Mods

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