RECAP of PART 1: We started the game, WOOT!. Got ourselves a tent and some decent supplies, and learned a little about how the early game is (gathering resources, pretty much). At the end of the stream last night, we got our forge up and running after finally getting some Plutonium, and Titanium! But found out we needed even more resources to really do much with it, go figure. While looking for Magnesium, we stumbled upon GOLD! It was heavy, but we had a decent amount to bring back to camp. I stopped in the middle of the way back to end the stream due to time.

– Immediately after the stream ended… the giant worm thing killed me. I couldn’t find my body because I think it was under the ground. I was right on top of it, but couldn’t see it. Lost all my items.

Found Magneisum on the way back from not finding my body. No weapon now, so I cannot defend myself. Avoided getting attacked back to base, and dropped off the Magnesium I needed.

Stayed the night in my tent. Aliens swarmed my base trying to kill me. Afraid in the dark, I stay in my tent, weilding only my chisel. I poke my head out of the door with the flashlight on, hoping to get a visual of those ugly bastards. I hit one in the head with my chisel, and do decent damage. After some bold timing strikes, I manage to kill 4 of them, and the rest go away after the night time is over.

I still have no gun.

10/10 would get eaten by a giant worm again!

RECAP of PART 2: We’ve finally got a habitat up, and it’s sealed in an airlock as well, so we’re protected from the elements now. Unfortunately, when I lost my body the first time, I also lost all of my water and food. Without a way to eat or drink, I’ll probably die or something again. I’m really not sure what happens. I’m trying now to get the materials in order to make more water first and foremost.


Will I survive to fight another day? Join me to continue this journey in Osiris: New Dawn!


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