This scam isn’t new. Come to find out, it’s been around for a while. But eBay still allows this nasty HTML on their listings, and they don’t regulate what you can put there enough – so browser redirects are still happening every day.

Tips to keep yourself safe:

ALWAYS make sure the item you are bidding on is actually on

NEVER go for any listing that requires you to contact a seller outside of eBay directly for a sale, or for “permission” to bid.

WATCH OUT for deals that actually are too good to be true. EBAY is a great place to get stuff at a good price, but it’s not a miracle network.

NEVER, under any circumstance, LOG IN on a site that isn’t specifically the site you want to log into. If you’re logging into eBay, make sure your browser says you’re at eBay.

NO users are “Private Users” – Every user has a public profile, and every seller has searchable feedback ratings. You cannot sell on eBay like this and have your ID masked too.

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