This problem comes up a lot at WPMU DEV, and usually the only response people get for it is “use Marketpress with it for that”. This is an insufficient answer for most, if not all, because it doesn’t explain how to do that. I’ve decided to make a video showing how I solved it. Hopefully this video will help people out, so that they can have Events with multiple prices like they want, without having to create multiple events for each price they want (which sucks, and isn’t user friendly). I’m hoping this is a temporary fix.


Thanks for watching!

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Charlie is a media producer day and night, at his company Pryor Media. He's also the founder of HotTips! and loves working with every project with the HotTips name on it, to a passion. He's 29 years young, married with an awesome one-year old son, and absolutely loves gaming and teaching.

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